Butternut Squash – Apple Soup {Roasted Veggies, Cashew Milk, Non Dairy, Vegetarian}


It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 2 months since my last blog! Between renovation and being busy at work, I didn’t have much time to cook anything special. We are not completely done, but things slowly going back to normal.

Today I am sharing the Butternut Squash-Apple Soup. This is a perfect recipe for fall! Slow roasting the squash, apple, and onion together makes them tender and flavorful. Cashew milk makes the soup rich and creamy. The combination of Granny Smith and red apples like Gala adds a tangy sweet flavor to this delicious soup. Serve with warm crusty bread for dipping. Continue reading


Rice Pilaf with Roasted Butternut Squash, Barberries, and Pistachios


I was craving a hearty salad, but after I began pulling my ingredients together, I ended up making the rice pilaf. It actually happens quite often to me when I am cooking in the kitchen, I start with one idea but end up with completely different dish. This recipe is delicious, hearty and healthy! Don’t be intimidated by a long list of ingredients, it’s very easy to make. Begin by cooking the rice: I used brown rice but you can also use wild rice for this dish. First, sauté onions and carrots. Add fresh grated ginger, cumin, cinnamon and garlic. Then add water and rice and cook for about 45 minutes. While rice is cooking, roast butternut squash with fresh thyme, nutmeg, pinch of brown sugar and cayenne pepper for a bit of heat. Finally, transfer cooked rice to a bowl, top it with roasted butternut squash, pistachios, feta and fresh herbs if desired. You can’t go wrong with this recipe, as it makes a great base for you to add different ingredients. Change it up to make it your own! Continue reading