Portobello “Pizza”



I was inspired by the Portobello “Pizza” recipe on Food Network and decided it to try it right away. It’s light, healthy and extremely flavorful. It’s a perfect meal to get more veggies in your diet. In this recipe you use portobello mushrooms as a “pizza crust”. The grilled peppers, tomatoes and goat cheese add to their earthy, savory flavor. I used a different dressing for this recipe just because my husband doesn’t like olives and I thought it was perfect for this dish, but you can check the original recipe to see if you like it better. These giant, meaty mushrooms make a terrific appetizer or meatless main dish. Enjoy!

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: intermediate
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  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 2 cups grape tomatoes
  • 4 large portobello mushrooms, stems removed
  • Canola oil, for brushing
  • 6 ounces soft goat cheese
  • 1 small garlic clove
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin oil
  • 2 tablespoons fresh basil, chopped
  • Pinch crushed red pepper flakes
  • Sea salt and freshly ground red pepper


  1. Chop the garlic clove, then sprinkle with some salt and smear to a paste, using the side of your knife blade. Transfer the garlic paste to a bowl and stir in the lemon juice. Slowly whisk in the olive oil until emulsified. Fold in the basil, and pepper flakes. Taste and season with salt and pepper. Let sit at room temperature while you grill the vegetables.
  2. Heat a grill to high. Brush the red and yellow peppers with oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill, covered, until charred on all sides and soft, 3 to 4 minutes per side. Remove the peppers to a bowl, cover tightly with plastic wrap and let steam for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, put the tomatoes in a grill basket and grill, covered, tossing occasionally, until charred in spots and softened, about 5 minutes. Set aside.
  3. Brush the portobellos with canola oil and season on both sides with salt and pepper. Grill on both sides, covered, until a paring knife inserted in the center meets no resistance, 3 to 5 minutes per side. While the portobellos are cooking, peel, seed and thinly slice the peppers.
  4. Turn the portobellos gill-side up and top each with some of the goat cheese. Grill covered, until the cheese softens, about 2 minutes. Transfer to a platter and top each mushroom with some tomatoes and peppers. Spoon a generous amount of dressing over each “pizza” and serve warm.


I am brining these delicious ‘pizzas’ to Fiesta Friday hosted by Angie! As always, check out new recipes posted this week:)




64 thoughts on “Portobello “Pizza”

  1. I love the idea of putting out a plate of these as appetisers in the summertime! So healthy and visually so pretty and colourful. Thanks so very much for sharing these with us all at Fiesta Friday this week – so much deliciousness at the party already! Cheers, Margot

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  3. I feel like this time you were thinking of me Olga 😀 This pizza looks yummy, lovely colors and tempting veggies oh yay! I will try it for sure, thank you so much for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  4. Oh yum!! I absolutely adore mushrooms and pizza, so these are two of my favourite foods made into one! They would be great at parties too, no wonder the FF crowd is lining up for mushroom pizzas. Thank you for bringing this awesome dish to the party, and don’t forget to have another of Margot’s Dame Edna cocktails! 🙂

  5. Hello, Mrs. Ratfire, thank you so much for liking my oh so simple recipes. I love your food. I have a question for you, my I publish any of your recipes giving you a link and full credit as I have been doing. The only thing I add is metric and American measures and calorie counts. Some people do not like it so I want to ask. Also, kindly let me know if I am allowed to use your photos or not. E-mail me at: mrsratfire@gmail.com, or post a comment on my blog and I will get the message. Thank you for your lovely cuisine. Your BBQ sauce with pineapple is divine.

  6. What an awesome recipe and lovely pictures. I eat LCHF and it´s perfect for me. Lots of vegetables and some nice fat. Thanks a lot.
    Kind regards Kathe from Denmark

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